Why Raise Bison
Bison, bison, or the American Buffalo is the only bovine native to North America. This fact is only the first of many reasons why buffalo producers are passionate about this animal, as were the Native Americans. Every part of the animal can be retailed and most producers market hides, leather, skulls, and hair in addition to the meat.

Bison meat is healthy, exceptionally nutritious, and unique in taste; being sweeter but not gamey, and very flavorful for it’s leanness. Bison meat does not marble. Buffalo fat lies between their muscle and their flesh. They are a natural grass converter. Any one that has the notion that fat and marbling are necessary for a tasty red meat meal, has not tried buffalo or has not learned that there is a taste for lean that is actually a delicacy. Buffalo meat is not graded under the beef grading system. A buffalo meat certification program is still being developed.

Bison producers are attracted to profitability of buffalo meat as an artisan or gourmet meat. This uniqueness requires the producer to be more involved in the retailing and marketing of their product. There are very few wholesalers or middlemen in the bison industry. Nor are there bison sales or sales barns that handle bison, should you wish to sell animals weekly.

Fences and corrals do need to be heftier than for cattle because buffalo tend to be wilder. They move quickly with immeasurable force and instant speed. Please refer to the NATIONAL BISON ASSOCIATIONS breeders handbook for information on handling equipment and health questions.

Why raise buffalo? They’re smart, they’re beautiful, they’re unique, they’re American, and it’s not your average guy or gal that chooses to raise this majestic animal. And when you meet bison producers, you’ll understand what a special kind of person is attracted to this American icon.
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