Health Benefits of Buffalo Meat
Buffalo meat is unique. It’s nutritional values, as shown in the chart below, compiled by research from Dr. M. Marchello at North Dakota University, substantiate that nutritional content of protein, minerals, and fatty acids has greater concentration and less calories per 100 gram serving than any other meat product. Game meats may be able to compete with bison on these nutritional scores, however bison does not taste gamey. Bison meat is especially high in iron.

The bison is a grass converter and while many are finished on grain with hay, this bovine breaks all the rules that pertain to cattle in the following respects: Bison meat does not marble. Bison are not made steers for weight gain. Doing so actually stunts their growth. Growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts are not given to bison. Producers raise them as naturally as possible because they thrive best when not handled more than necessary. Many of the techniques to push cattle production, simply do not work for buffalo.

The adage that "We are what we eat" makes buffalo meat a healthy choice for the good life. The meat is rich in flavor in a subtle way; most notable if you eat buffalo for several weeks and then go back to eating beef; that is when you realize the sweeter flavor. Because of the low fat content one must cook bison at a lower temperature to not overcook. This lean meat will not shrink when cooked which also gives the consumer more value.
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