Donations are being accepted for
WBA's Legal Defense Fund

In light of on-going attempts to have bison listed under the Endangered Species Act, as well as attempts at state and local levels to hinder the ability of private bison owners to raise their herds as they think best, the WBA Board has established the WBA Legal Defense Fund. This fund will be used to defend bison and the bison industry from restrictive regulation, violations of property rights, and attempted land grabs by NGO's and government entities, so that we can continue to expand bison populations in private herds across America. The WBA has secured the services of the well-respected Budd-Falen Law Firm in Cheyenne, WY. Their experience in prtecting livestock producers from environmental attachs has already proved invaluable.

Please contribute. We need every dollar. Even small contributions will make a difference. Donate now!

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